Ultimate Guide to KeepSnap Photographers’ Directory

find photography clients with KeepSnap Directory

KeepSnap Directory is a place where photographers meet willing clients and vice versa. It’s a perfect spot for creating your portfolio, boasting your best shots, and attracting dozens of new clients.

It’s true that the idea of the project is not brand-new, but you can’t really say the same about the way it’s made. Please be sure to come inside of this cozy guide in order to find out what exactly you’re going to get after creating your portfolio in KeepSnap Directory and why it’s worth $99 a year apart from getting new photography clients.

FAQ: Getting Listed in KeepSnap Directory

We’ve recently launched our new project that’s called KeepSnap Directory. What is it and how is it used? It’s a place where great photographers meet willing clients. You only need to fill in a bit of info about you, upload your best work, and get listed. Let’s see how you do it.

FAQ: Enabling and Disabling Email and Push Notifications

If you are a regular user of KeepSnap website and mobile app, you probably would like to be the first know about everything. In this post we will explain you how you can configure email and push notifications that will help you get informed about purchased photos, your balance on KeepSnap, tips and promos, and new features.

FAQ: Accessing and Purchasing Photos

Have you been having a walk outside or hanging out in a club and a KeepSnap photographer took a few great photos of you and gave you their business card? If this is the case, this article about accessing and purchasing your photos is for you.

FAQ: Receiving Invoices on Payouts and Sold Photos

There are many freelance photographers who are self-employed and tax all their earnings. And there are people that simply want to keep tabs on their income too. If you happen to be one of the two—or both—then you can receive invoices from KeepSnap on all your earnings and payouts. Let's see how you do it.

FAQ: Creating and Managing Private Galleries

You probably noticed that when we explained you how to use your personal KeepSnap promo cards in one of our previous articles, there was a possibility to add a special field with a PIN code for private galleries on every promo card.

We think that now it is high time to find out how to create private galleries if some of your clients would like to have a bit of privacy and make sure that other people can't view their photos.

FAQ: Learning Your Rank and Award Rate

If you already started working as an independent photographer through KeepSnap and got to sell a few photos, you may be interested what's your current rank and amount of award given to you from each photo you sell as well as when you will be able to receive a higher rank and earn more. Let's find out how you can do it.

FAQ: Mass Photo Uploading with KeepSnap Lightroom Plug-in

If you think that uploading photos for your clients one by one may seem a really long and tiring thing then... You're probably right. But hey, what is there to do if you just covered a big event or went our to make some shots and got plenty of photos to upload at the same time?

That's exactly why we created a proprietary KeepSnap plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that will let you upload any amount of photos you just edited literally in a flash. Let's review how you install and use it. Join in, it's easy!