Can You Use Nikon Lenses on Canons and Canon Lenses on Nikons?

Currently we see a trend where so many people who were used to shooting with either Nikons or Canons would like to change their camera brand. However, if you are a professional photographer and have a lot of gear, it would be difficult to change all your lenses at once. This is why so many Nikon and Canon users are wondering whether they can use their lenses on a camera made by the other brand.

The short answer to this question is yes, you can use an adapter and shoot with Nikon lenses on a Canon DSLRs but not the other way around. Why is that?

What is 35mm Focal Length Equivalent of an iPhone Camera?

In the world of mobile photography, iPhone cameras tend to lead the way in terms of image quality, sharpness, and colors for almost a decade since iPhone 1 was released in 2007. And though we make photos using our mobile phones almost daily—and most often we shoot using an iPhone—we don't really have the slightest notion about the focal length (or its 35mm equivalent) of the iPhone's lens and the size of the phone camera's sensor. Let's find it out.

What Does Leica Mean?

Everybody knows—and someone is even dreaming of getting one—legendary Leica cameras which were the world's first compact cameras, but there aren't many people who know the meaning of the company's name. Let's find it out.

The First Photo of the Earth Taken from Space

Space photography and Earth photography are big topics nowadays and life of any dweller of a big city would have been impossible without them. However, back in the old days it wasn't like that. Let's find out when the era of Earth and space photography started and how exactly it happened.

What Was the First Camera Phone in the World?

In the year 2016 we all feel so used to cameras in our smartphones that take high-quality pictures, but literally a decade ago a camera phone was something really new and unique. When was the world's first camera phone released and, more interestingly, how did people react to this news?

What Is the Fastest Lens in the World?

Nowadays DSLR vendors are playing an interesting marketing game which is fuelled by competition. It's about launching a camera—either point-and-shoot or DSLR—that will outdo all others in the number of megapixels. Half a century ago the game was almost the same, but the aim was different. The world's most renowned brands were competing in creating the fastest lens. What did they achieve?