Photos of Hasselblad X1D Leaked:The First Mirrorless Medium Format Camera in the World

A few hours ago guys from Photorumors received a message from one of their users with leaked photos of Hasselblad X1D camera—the world's first mirrorless medium format camera—as well as some technical specifications and info on lenses. The official release of the camera is scheduled for tomorrow but you can have a peek into how this monster looks like and its features right now.

The Best Portrait Lenses for Nikon

A couple of days ago our readers in Twitter asked us to write an article about a very important topic that becomes literally your day-to-day concern when you decide to become a photographer. It’s choosing the right lens for the photography style you work in. And if it’s portrait photography, then things can seem a bit too complicated.

If you are about to buy a new lens but still can’t decide which one precisely it’s going to be—and numerous articles on the web are not making too much sense and sound confusing—then you should check this list of the best Nikon portrait lenses with descriptions and prices we’ve prepared for you.

10 Best Photography Equipment Reviews Vol. 3

If you are passionate about photography—just like we are—we bet that you are browsing B&H or Amazon at least two or three times a week looking for new lenses and gear (even though you already have three, four, or even five quality optics) and trying to fight away the voices in your head that are telling you to buy it. If you can resist no more, this post is for you.

This is the third volume of our digest on the best photography gear. Check out ten reviews on the best photography equipment from KeepSnap blog and choose your brand-new toy.

Nikon AF-S 50mm f/1.8G Review

Since the very first moment they have been launched, and this happened back in the 70’s, 50mm fixed lenses were always a big thing. Even though the progress and technology lead to inevitable consequences in the photography market, bringing fancy and universal zoom lenses in, currently the 50mm f/1.8 fixed lens still remains to be the choice of both beginners and professionals when it comes to portrait and model photography. It works perfectly on both FX and DX cameras.

Today we’re going to review the latest generation 50mm lens by Nikon, f/1.8G, and talk about why you should get it right now if you are a Nikon shooter.

Google Nik’s Collection Went Free: Reviewing Silver Efex Pro 2

If you are doing photography for life or are at least interested in the world of photography, then you probably heard about the collection of customizable filters and adjustable presets by Google called Nik’s collection. It features seven sets of filters that are meant to be used for varied purposes, but the most popular one is Silver Efex Pro, which is used for converting photos into B/W and editing them.

Earlier the Nik’s Collection pack used to cost gob-smacking $499. Later on the price dropped down to $149, which is still expensive but much more affordable. However, last week Google announced that the software pack is now free for everyone. What does it mean? It means that it’s high time to try it out.

Keep reading to learn more information about Google Nik’s and check out our review on Silver Efex Pro 2 with awesome sample pics.

Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX

When photographers only begin their career, they are usually divided into two types. The former dream of having an ultrazoom lens—something which goes beyond 200mm—and the latter feel like they are living their life in vain without having an ultra-wide-angle lens.

This review is dedicated to the latter type of photographers, unveiling the truth and all details behind the widest DX lens in the Nikon line-up. Please welcome ultra-wide Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX lens and keep reading to find out more about it!

Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G DX Review

Nikon launched this lens back in 2009 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the death of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Almost all his life he used one Leica camera and the same 50mm lens to create masterpieces that keep on inspiring photographers even today.

A 35mm lens by Nikon is somewhat similar to the 50mm Cartier-Bresson used. It’s made for use with DX cameras, meaning that its 35mm focal length equivalent is 52.5 mm, which is really close. Apart from it, this tiny lens is fast, light, and very cheap. Let’s see what Nikon made for us this time!

Vello Ringbox Ringflash Adapter

There is a period in the life of every photographer when they start digging professional fashion photos and wondering how fashion photographers manage to create this kind of soft light and pinpoint the subject’s eyes.

The answer is both simple and difficult. This effect can be achieved with something called a ringflash adapter. Why is it difficult? Because professional ringflash adapters may cost up to $500 a piece or even more.

If you’re not the type of a person who would pay five hundred bucks for a lighting tool or DIY it, then still there’s a solution. Vello has created a cheaper version of a ringflash adapter, Vello Ringbox, that costs only $90. Let’s review it!

The Difference between 50mm f/1.8D f/1.8G Lenses by Nikon

Every photographer who prefers shooting with Nikon cameras knows that this brand produces two very similar prime lenses that are quality and really cheap. It’s a nifty-fifty 50mm portrait fixed lens that comes in two various models by Nikon. They are f/1.8D and f/1.8.

And though the difference in price is not that big—$131.95 for f/1.8G and $216.95 for f/1.8D—and the two lenses are almost equal, there are still some bottlenecks that you should consider before choosing one of them. Today we will tell you what is the difference between the two and why you should go for this or that lens depending on your photography equipment.

Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II LD for Canon

Everybody knows about—and most probably even owns or owned—the most standard 18-55mm kit lenses, which are ubiquitous. There are several reasons for this. The focal length range is great and universal, letting you make landscape, street, and portrait photos. Apart from that, these lenses are light, small, and cheap. And though the most expensive 18-55mm kit lens costs only $249, its quality may not be enough for enthusiast photographers.

However, many photographers that only begin to make photographs seldom know that there’s a good replacement for these kit lenses that perform averagely. 17-50mm lenses, which are very similar in terms of the focal range, are built in a more quality way and have better optics and wider aperture.

Branded lenses like this by Canon and Nikon may cost you a penny, but there are nice counterparts produced by third-party companies that are much cheaper. The difference in price between them is $400 for Canon and $1000 for Nikon. Let’s review one of such lenses, Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II LD for Canon crop sensor cameras.