Ultimate Guide to KeepSnap Photographers’ Directory

find photography clients with KeepSnap Directory

KeepSnap Directory is a place where photographers meet willing clients and vice versa. It’s a perfect spot for creating your portfolio, boasting your best shots, and attracting dozens of new clients.

It’s true that the idea of the project is not brand-new, but you can’t really say the same about the way it’s made. Please be sure to come inside of this cozy guide in order to find out what exactly you’re going to get after creating your portfolio in KeepSnap Directory and why it’s worth $99 a year apart from getting new photography clients.

KeepSnap Directory guide

Simple search

The most peculiar and smart feature of KeepSnap photographer’s directory is that the search system functions via the location of photographers, which helps customers find you quicker and easier.

Just think about it, would a client hire someone who lives just across the road or any other person from the other end of the city if they’re equally good? The answer is obvious.

Search via photography styles is to be added soon too.

Completely distraction-free

KeepSnap Directory unique search system

The product is made in such a way that you will not need to get involved to find clients, whilst customers don’t need to do any extra things to find you. The only thing you will need to do is to fill out your profile, upload your best shots, and create your portfolio. There are no huge quantities of text or dozens of buttons.

KeepSnap Directory is where customers search and find, whilst photographers get hired and earn.

Awesome design

KeepSnap Directory doesn’t have anything odd and its design is really clear so that the clients can enjoy its functionality and find what they are looking for. In other words, they will be able to find you quicker and hire you.

Help with advertising

Funds that were raised on purchase of access to KeepSnap Directory will be spent on the promotion of listed photographers by cities in Google Adwords so that even more clients find out about awesome photographers like you and hire you.

Free promotion of photographers

The best photographers that get listed in KeepSnap Directory will be contacted for a personalized interview for our blog. Apart from it, monthly we are preparing lists of the best shots taken by you and publish them in our blog as well as Twitter and Facebook account so that hundreds of thousands of people see them and find out about your photography services.

Great customer service

Our KeepSnap Directory customer service is out there daily to help you with your questions, listen to your feedback, turn your suggestions into reality, and simply chat with you.

Extra income source

How KeepSnap works

Creating your portfolio in KeepSnap Directory involves signing up on our main project, KeepSnap social proofing galleries. It works really simple: print off your promo cards with the QR code and the address of your personal gallery, go out to snap people outdoors or at events, give them your promo cards, edit the photos, and upload them to KeepSnap servers.

People you take photos of will enter your gallery and purchase the photos they like and you will receive at least 70% of each photo value. Then just sell more and earn up to 80%. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Free awesome business cards

KeepSnap business cards

Your personal business cards—including your name, phone number, and email address—that you will be able to download after creating your account at KeepSnap are completely free. Don’t be shy to use them to your advantage!

Constant updates

KeepSnap Directory is getting better and better every day. New features that are meant for both photographers and the customers are added constantly so that clients can find you even quicker.

Steadily growing number of customers

KeepSnap Directory is an international project and therefore it attracts willing customers from all over the world. Thanks to all promotional activities carried out the number of daily visitors is growing on and on, which means that you will have more and more work to come.

Feel inspired? Become a KeepSnap independent photographer today and go out to snap people around you and earn a living. It's completely free for photographers. Then simply create a portfolio in our KeepSnap Directory for photographers and get extra clients. Are you ready?