What is 35mm Focal Length Equivalent of an iPhone Camera?

In the world of mobile photography, iPhone cameras tend to lead the way in terms of image quality, sharpness, and colors for almost a decade since iPhone 1 was released in 2007. And though we make photos using our mobile phones almost daily—and most often we shoot using an iPhone—we don't really have the slightest notion about the focal length (or its 35mm equivalent) of the iPhone's lens and the size of the phone camera's sensor. Let's find it out.

Just like most of other electronic devices fitted with a camera and point-and-shoot cameras that have a small sensor—the sensor size of iPhone 5S and 6 is 1/3 inch—the lens actual focal length is really small and amounts to 4.67mm. This is because of the tiny size of the sensor and the crop factor value, which is 7.21 for the above-mentioned iPhone models. 

This value, 7.21, means that the sensor is 7.21 smaller than the classic full-frame 35mm sensor. And because we know the crop factor, now we will be able to learn the 35mm focal length equivalent of iPhone's lens. To do that we will multiply the actual focal length of the lens by the crop factor. 4.67x7.21 equals 33mm. And this is the staple focal length value for shooting full-frame and film.

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