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This digest is all about awesomeness. It features the most interesting posts—helpful photography tips, reviews on brilliant photography gear, and biographies of great photographers—that you liked during these three months and helped us understand what you want to read so that we can prepare even better content for you. Stay tuned!

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The Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry

What happened with the famous Afghan girl? Find out the thrilling and moving story of one of the most recognizable portrait photos in the world by Steve McCurry.

Interviewing Ivan Nava: Making People Happy with Your Images

Rocking on with our new blog section that features interviews of professional photographers that have something to say. Meet our guest today, Ivan Nava, and enjoy the read!

Key Things You Need to Know about Exposure

Pirates, open sea, and parrots? What on Earth does it have to do with aperture? Usually aperture is the most difficult thing in photography that beginner and amateur photographers need to learn. Not with our article. Check it out and master aperture in under 30 minutes!

10 Indispensable Cheap Tools Every Photography Enthusiast Should Own

What are the best and most useful photography tools that you can purchase if you are on a low budget? Find ten gadgets for photography that cost less than $50 in this post.

7 Common Mistakes of a Beginner Photographer

What common mistakes do photographers make and how they can avoid them? Find it out in this article and improve on your photography.

The Basics of Light Meters: Reaching Perfect Exposure

Good old light meters are probably one of the most underrated photography tools. Thought about purchasing one? Learn how they work and what’s the most important thing when it comes to choosing one.

Six Photography Rules, Jumpology, and Dali: Philippe Halsman Biography

Who is Philippe Halsman and why people jump when they take group photos? Read the answer to this question and find out about six photography rules in the biography of one of the best photographers of the 20th century.

10 Must Read Photography Books

Knowledge gives you strength. Check out 10 must-read books for photographers and improve your skills to take better photos.

How to Shoot the Night Sky

Did you dream of making awesome photos of the night sky that just blow your mind? We’ve prepared a detailed guide to how you can do it especially for you. Don’t miss out on it!

Explaining Differences between JPEG and RAW

Understanding the difference between JPEG and RAW is crucial for taking high-quality and professional photos irrespective of whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. In this article we easily explain both the differences and advantages of the two.

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