Ten Indispensable Cheap Tools Every Photography Enthusiast Should Own

There are dozens of fancy tools and gadgets out there and we bet that a beginner or amateur photographer would become dizzy if they would need to pick out just one thing. Apart from it, the price may be not that appealing as most gadgets are priced at $50 and up.

However, cheap doesn't mean bad and this article will feature ten must-have and really cheap tools and gadgets that every photographer should have.

Grey card

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Grey card is probably one of the most efficient tools for photographers—both amateur and professional—under $10. And though there are more expensive card specimens that we reviewed, a classic grey card will let you easily deal with WB and exposure problems. 

Color card

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Color cards are similar to white cards, but however they help you enhance the color in your photos and not the WB. Usually they cost not more than $20.

Lens pen

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This $10 tool is really helpful if you need to clean your camera lens or LCD. One end of the lens pen is a retractable brush, whilst the other end is fitted with a microfiber disc.

Remote shutter release

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It's a really cheap (under $20) tool which will help you get better and more efficient at studio portraits as well as outdoor photoshoots.

Light diffuser

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When you cover events or do outdoor photoshoots that need flash lighting, a light diffuser will be the best thing under $20 that will help you enhance your strobe/flash performance. 

Light box

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Light box is great for making product pictures and can be either bought for under $20 or made at home. 


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 There's a wide range of replaceable eyepieces that help you avoid UV rays and fog as well as provide you a magnifying effect while taking photos through the viewfinder.

Screen protector

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Screen protectors usually cost less than $10 and help you avoid glare and scratches on your camera LCDs.

Hot shoe mount bubble level

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The majority of modern cameras are fitted with a built-in horizon level meter, but sometimes a good old bubble level may be better and more reliable.

Rocket air blower

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Rocket blowers cost less than $10 and help you clean your camera sensor without touching it, which is really important if you shoot outdoors.

All of the items listed above can be purchased from BnH, Amazon, eBay, or other online photography equipment retailers.

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