How to Shoot the Night Sky

We bet that all of you have seen impressive photos of starry night skies, which look almost like screenshots from movies about space, at least once in your life and wanted to take pictures that look exactly like that. You probably didn’t do it yet because it seems too difficult and time-consuming, right?

Wrong! With our guide it’s as easy as ABC to take stunning and colorful photos of night skies with thousands of stars on them. Check our easy four-step tutorial out!

There are only three things that you will need to have to make a photo like this. It’s a DSLR with a manual exposure mode, which is also called Bulb sometimes, tripod, and remote shutter release. Let’s get it going!

Choosing the spot for shooting

There’s just one rule when it comes to choosing the shooting spot for taking photos of night skies. The darker the place is, the better the photos will be. Light is one of the most typical things that makes it difficult for photographers to take a clear photo of stars on the dark background.

Adjusting your camera settings

In order to take an awesome photo, you will need to have a wide-angle and large aperture lens. For example, something like 24/28mm at f/3.5 or 2.8 will do well.

Then you will need to use a high ISO value of at least 800. If this is not enough to make stars become visible, try using 1,600.

After that you will need to put your camera to infinity focus, which is the largest focus number written on your lens.

That’s about it. However, you will also need to use one rule that is really important in order to avoid capturing star trails that appear due to the Earth rotating. It’s called the rule of 600. Simply divide 600 by the focal length of your lens and you will get the necessary shutter speed in seconds. For example, if the lens you’re using has the focal length of 24, it means that you will need to leave your shutter open for 25 seconds.

Taking the shots

You will need to place your tripod with the camera somewhere and take 5 consecutive photos with the same shutter speed using the rule of 600 without moving the camera.

Editing the pictures

The chances are that your pictures will turn out really bland and without color. Don’t be surprised, that is perfectly okay. Your will need to do a few things in Photoshop in order to make them look good.

Download any photo stacking software (you can use this) and stack five pictures from every series of shots onto one another.

After that try improving the colors: fix the RGB, contrast, brightness, and saturation. You’re done!

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