Koushik Das

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Willing to travel

About Me

Hello everyone! I am Koushik Das, a photographer by passion. By passion because, photography is just not a profession for me, rather it is my identity i.e. for what who I am today. I am a self taught photographer, and to me photography is not just about taking photographs but to get capturing special moments in people’s lives and the beautiful world God has given us to live in.

Photography is a broader term in which expressions are my favourite part. I want to explore more and more expressions and my inquisitive mind keeps on energizing me. I want my pictures to talk, to express, to reach every core of hearts.

From childhood days I was crazy about photos and cameras, I used to wonder how a small camera can capture our big precious moments and can preserve it for a long time. A camera is our unforgettable lovely partner which witnesses sorrows and happiness and makes our life complete, isn’t it?

I do Fashion, Protrature, Portfolio, Still Life, Travel photography, Music Video, Documentaries, Television Commercials. To know more keep an eye on our website i.e. www.classyframe.com.