FAQ: Accessing and Purchasing Photos

Have you been having a walk outside or hanging out in a club and a KeepSnap photographer took a few great photos of you and gave you their business card? If this is the case, this article about accessing and purchasing your photos is for you.

In order to review your photos at KeepSnap and purchase the ones you like you only need to do several simple things.

Go to our main page and click on the image of a KeepSnap promo card at the right part of the screen.

A pop-up window will appear. Specify the photographer’s nickname from the promo card in the respective field on the page.

You will be redirected to an internal page where you will need to select the day on which you were taken a photo. If the day is not highlighted, it means that the photographer still hasn’t uploaded your photos. In this case, try to access their page the other day.

If you asked the photographer to upload your photos to a private gallery so that other customers can’t see them, simply click on the Private Gallery button at the upper part of the screen and enter the PIN code that your photographer wrote on the promo card.

Then find your photos, select the ones you like the most, and add them to the cart.

After that simply check out and that’s about it. Simple, isn’t it?

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