KeepSnap: Complete Guide on Where to Find Clients and Earn on Event and Portrait Photography

KeepSnap is a free platform that lets independent photographers with a DSLR camera—both amateur and professional—earn on event and outdoor portrait photography wherever they are. You simply need to sign up, print off your promo cards with the QR code and the address of your gallery, go out to snap people, give them your promo cards, edit the photos, and upload them to KeepSnap servers.

People you take photos of will enter your gallery and purchase the photos they like and you will receive at least 70% of each photo value. Then just sell more and earn up to 80%.

Sounds really easy. But where and how do you get clients to start earning? Okay, first things first.


Psychology of a person who wants their photo taken is not that tricky.

Firstly, we all want to leave our imprint and get captured in the world. But often we need a material evidence of it since the memory—both ours and that of the people who surround us—is pretty short-term. That's why we like to get photographed so much when we go out or do something which is pleasant to us.

Secondly, in our age portrait photos became pretty social. Many people really love seeing themselves on pictures and on the screen, which helps them build self-identity and feel "present".

Thirdly, we all associate ourselves with things that make us proud and let us feel important. It can be anything from your hobby, music, or ideological principles to your new car, favorite pet, or some people. Well, at least as soon as there's a certain grade of affinity between the two.

Now we understand psychology of the desire to get photographed and pass on to reviewing places where you can find people who would expect and want that someone takes their photo.


The easiest way to earn with KeepSnap is to become an event photographer. There are always so many things going on around. You should simply choose what kind of a crowd you'd like to shoot (you can use TimeOut or any other city guide to find the right place) and go there.

Always hold your camera in a way so that everyone sees it. You will not even need to say anything as people themselves will ask you to shoot them. Just snap a great portrait, show it to your client, and give them your promo card. Explanations are not necessary.

Here are a few examples of these places.

Clubs, gigs, and concerts

Music unites people and for some it becomes their lifestyle. Everyone goes to nightclubs and visits gigs and concerts now and again. Try shooting music fans and people hanging out. They will love it.

Exhibitions and conferences

There are thousands of exhibitions and conferences held all around the world yearly. Just think Comic Con, TED, TechCrunch Disrupt, and other styled events like cat and dog exhibitions. Millions of people visit them every year and all of them want a quality photo.

Sports events

Sports is all about passion and passion bears desire. Football? Hockey? Basketball? Racing? Anything else? An average stadium holds about 30.000 people and at least 5% of them want a photo. That's at least 3000 people. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Markets and fairs

Food markets in Paris, Barcelona, and London are considered national heritage and are topping the lists of local sights. People from all over the world come to visit and they would love if someone takes a photo of them.

Holiday fairs are visited by so many couples and families with children. It's a great place for a photo.

Themed festivals

The world is all about motion and people like having fun. Festivals like Oktoberfest, La Tomatina, and Holi gather hundreds of thousands of people, not to say of music, food, and film festivals as well as carnivals.


This is another way to earn using KeepSnap, which may seem more difficult because you will need to establish a connection with your client. Everything functions exactly like with event photography. Print off your promo cards, think about the place where you will snap people, and go out.

Here are some ideas about where you can take outdoor portraits.

Tourist attractions

Irrespective of where you live, your city will have a certain place where people gather either due to its popularity or historic value.


We bet that the main square of your city is the most popular place both for tourists and locals and it attracts thousands of people daily.

Parks and natural monuments

This is where people come with their friends, families, and children to have a good time, eat something, and chat. Most of them simply don't have a camera with them. Don't lose on it.

Holiday celebrations and other places

Simply sneak around your city—or spend time travelling and working—and look for people having fun outdoors and snap them.

If you have good people skills and get along well with the others, the chances are that you can become their personal event photographer and help them shoot at their wedding, family jubilee, and so on.


It's important to have a good attitude when dealing with people. Always remember that you need to present yourself with professionalism and never behave persistently. If a person doesn't want a photo, don't shoot them.

If they do want to have their photo taken, talk with them with a smile and help them. Tell them where to stand and where to look if it's necessary. Your people skills will speak for you.

Download KeepSnap mobile app for Android, turn the discoverable mode on, and let clients see you on the map and find you themselves.

Now simply get inspired, start moving, and....