What Is the Fastest Lens in the World?

Nowadays DSLR vendors are playing an interesting marketing game which is fuelled by competition. It's about launching a camera—either point-and-shoot or DSLR—that will outdo all others in the number of megapixels. Half a century ago the game was almost the same, but the aim was different. The world's most renowned brands were competing in creating the fastest lens. What did they achieve?

The Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33—yes, you read it the right way—was presented on Photokina fair in 1961. However, this lens was not functional in any way because this was more about making a practical joke about the recent huge-aperture-faster-lenses fad.

The Q letter in the lens name stands for Quatsch in German, which means nonsense. Later on, in 2011, this lens was sold from an auction for 80,000 euros.

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