Politique de Confidentialité

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the “Policy”) is intended to define and establish main rules for the collection, processing and the usage of information about the Photographers, Users and other persons visiting the Website (hereinafter – the “Visitors”), as well as for provision of access to the information to the others.
Acceptance of the Policy is carried out by the actual usage of Site by the User. Acceptance of the Policy is considered committed since the first actual use of the Site by the User.
Acceptance of the Policy implies familiarization, understanding of all together and each one separately provisions of the Policy, full, unconditional and unreserved acceptance of the provisions and requirements set out in the Policy by the User. In case of disagree with this Privacy Policy the User has to refuse from using the site.


1.1. Terms used in this Policy are applied in the meaning and scope as defined in the section 1 of the License Agreement on the provision of rights to the use of photographic works, located at: https://keepsnap.com/page/terms-photographer (hereinafter the “License Agreement”), and in the section 1 of the Public offer, located at: https://keepsnap.com/page/terms-customer (hereinafter the “Public Offer”).
1.2. The Visitor of the Site, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the License Agreement is a Photographer or User respectively.
1.3. In the absence of an unambiguous interpretation of the term in the text of License Agreement, the Public Offer and this Policy, it’s necessary to be guided by the interpretation of the terms, first of all, defined on the Site keepsnap.com (hereinafter the “Site”), secondarily, in accordance with the applicable legislation.


2.1. Administration of the Site receives information about the Users in the following ways (from the following sources):
2.1.1. Information provided by the User, including, but not limited to the following:
• Information received from the User during the registration on the Site;
• Information about the Visitors, published in the personal account on the Site;
• Information arising from objects (downloaded/uploaded) by the Visitor from / to the Site;
• Information about the Visitors of the Site, in particular about the Photographers, obtained as a result of checking the Photographer;
• Data, provided by the Visitors of the Site for the settlement of accounts with the Administrator, in particular to obtain a license fee by the Photographer or to pay for the object (copy of the object) by the User.
• Data provided by the visitor upon a motivated request of the Administrator. It’s established hereby, that the Administrator may request from the Visitors of the Site any information, necessary in order to fulfill his obligations, to provide an access to the Site for the Visitors, as well as to fulfill other obligations, including for the settlements for the purpose of establishing the legal status of a certain Visitor. Thus, the Users of the Site are obliged to timely relevant information to the Administrator.
2.1.2. Information obtained in the automatic mode from the software services used by the Visitors of the Site, in particular:
• Data on the hardware device, used by the Visitor, while using the Site, including brand (model), operation system, its version, unique device identifier;
• Data on the mobile operator, model of the cell phone, on the location of the Visitors, if any mobile device is used to access the Site.
• Data recorded in the logs of the servers, including the data on search requests of the user, cookie files, IP-addresses, faults of the system, etc.
2.1.3. Any other information (data) concerning the Visitor of the Site, received about him during the use of the Site, including automatically.
2.2. The Administrator does not check the validity of the information, provided to him or received from the Visitors of the Site, doesn’t exercise the control over the legal capacity. It’s presumed, and the Administrator takes in account the fact, that the Visitor of the Site in all cases without exceptions provides complete and accurate information about himself and keeps it up to date.


3.1. The Visitor of the Site confirms that the choice of a login (email) and password for the usage of the Site is carried out directly by the free will of the Visitor.
3.2. The Visitor of the Site undertakes to keep login (email) and password for the usage of the Site out of reach of any third parties, as well as not to provide the appropriate data to any third parties. The Visitor of the site bears full responsibility and risk of all possible potential and actual negative consequences associated with the failure of this rule.
3.3. Hereby the Visitor of the Site confirms that the provision of information in the manner established in this Policy is carried out solely by the independent discretion and will of the User.
3.4. Here by the Visitor of the Site gives consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation. The usage of the personal data by the Administrator is carried out in order to fulfill the obligations to the Visitor.


4.1. Administration of the Site is not entitled, except as specified in paragraph 4.2 of this Policy, to transfer the information without the consent of the user to the third parties both on paid and on a gratuitous basis.
4.2. Administration of the Site is entitled, without the consent of the User and without any prior notification, to transfer the information about the User in the following cases:
• To the public authorities, including law enforcement bodies, bodies of inquiry and investigation, courts, local governments upon their motivated request;
• To the third parties on the basis of a judicial act;
• To the third parties and public organizations upon their motivated request in case of violation or alleged violation of their rights;
• In other stipulated by the current legislation cases.
4.3. The Administrator undertakes to try to avoid any actions from the third parties aimed at obtaining, modifying, blocking, deleting, copy and distributing of any personal data of the Visitors.


5.1. Administration of the Site and the User have set a claim pre-judicial order of settlement of disagreements and disputes arising from the use of this Policy. The deadline for response to the claim is ten (10) working days from the moment of its receipt.
5.2. In case of failure to reach agreement on controversial issues, the dispute arising out of this Policy shall be subject to judicial review in accordance with the current legislation in the location of Administration of the Site.


6.1. This Policy comes into force from the moment of its posting in the Internet on the Site.
6.2. This Policy is put into effect for an indefinite period and is void after its annulment by the Administration of the Site.
6.3. In case of making amendments to the Policy, such amendments come into force from the moment of publication of the new editions of the Policy on the Site, unless another conditions of coming into force are not specified when it is published. Administration of the Site is entitled to unilaterally make amendments to the text of the Policy.
6.4. User undertakes to monitor the changes in the provisions of the Policy and is responsible for non-compliance with this obligation as well as may have negative outcomes.
6.5. In case of disagreement with the corresponding amendments to the Policy, the User is obliged to refuse services provided by Administration of the Site and stop the usage of the Site. Otherwise, the further usage of the Site by the User implies the acceptance of the Policy in its new edition.
6.6. Actual version of the Policy may be found on the Site at: https://keepsnap.com/page/privacy.