FAQ: Creating and Managing Private Galleries

You probably noticed that when we explained you how to use your personal KeepSnap promo cards in one of our previous articles, there was a possibility to add a special field with a PIN code for private galleries on every promo card.

We think that now it is high time to find out how to create private galleries if some of your clients would like to have a bit of privacy and make sure that other people can't view their photos.

By default, your basic gallery on KeepSnap where you upload photos you take is public. It means that every client who enters it in search of their photos will be able to see pictures of other people that you uploaded.

However, sometimes it may be necessary—in cases when you cover private events as well as work at photoshoots and weddings—to keep it personal. How do you create one? Simple!

Select New Private Gallery option in Uploads menu item.

Enter the gallery title, gallery lifetime, and price range.

Remember your PIN code—which you can change if necessary—and write it down somewhere. Click on Create.

Now your private gallery is ready.

Print off promo cards with the field for your PIN code and write it there by hand.

Then simply take photos, give your clients these promo cards, explain them how it works, upload photos, and make sales!

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