FAQ for Photographers

How does KeepSnap work?

KeepSnap is a platform that connects photography enthusiasts that want to turn their hobby into earnings with people who love to have fun and get photographed. KeepSnap is completely free for photographers.

Here's your ultimate checklist that you need to stick to in order to start earning with KeepSnap:

  • Download and print off your promo cards using Promo tools -> Promo cards page;
  • Find a crowded place in your city or anywhere else in the world where people hang out and have fun. Talk to them and snap beautiful pictures using your DSLR camera;
  • Inspire people and give everyone you shoot your promo cards. Your customers then will use these cards to enter your profile page and check out their photos;
  • Make the photos look good and upload the best photos you took this day to KeepSnap servers;
  • Set the price for your photos in the price range of $0.99 to $19.99;
  • Every time someone purchases a photo, you will receive an email notification. It's as easy as this.

All necessary technical information about your photos is automatically taken from EXIF. Therefore, you won't need to fill in the data about every photo you upload. Forget about waiting and just keep on snapping more people.

Photos that people buy will be stored on KeepSnap servers forever. If customers really like photos you take, they will be able to purchase them in a higher quality and you will earn extra money.

There is a spot-on email notification system that you can customize in Settings -> Notifications page developed by KeepSnap in order to create a distraction-free environment and let the photographers do something they love and earn money hassle-free.

You will be notified every time when someone buys your photo, your account balance is ready for payout, your rating improves, or you receive bonuses. Also, we will let you know about new features on KeepSnap as well as news, helpful tips for photographers, and promotions. You can opt out or opt back in whenever you want.

What are the photo camera requirements?

You should have a DSLR camera with a minimum resolution of 8 MP.

How can I print off my promo cards?

You can download and print off your promo cards using Promo tools -> Promo cards page in your member's area. Promo cards are available for download on an A4 page in .pdf, so be sure to use it.

What is a PIN code on the promo card and how can I find it?

Certain photos that are meant to be seen only by a small circle of people should be uploaded to a separate gallery. That's exactly why we at KeepSnap developed a Private Galleries future. You can create one like this in Uploads, New Private Gallery menu. Upon creation of the gallery the website assigns it a 4-digit PIN code. You will need to write it on your promo cards and give them to your customers.

After that they can click on the lock icon and enter the private gallery with their photos after specifying the PIN code. Most often you won't need to create private galleries and, if it's the case, you should simply leave the PIN code field on the promo card in blank or choose to print off promo cards that don't have this field. We recommend you to create private galleries when you need to upload photos taken at private parties, birthday parties and jubilees, and love story-like photo shoots, and so on.

Where can I find customers?

That's where it all comes to how creative you are. We advise you to try looking for your first customers somewhere in a crowded place, e.g. the city's center, parks, local sights, night clubs, sports events, and so on.

It's not necessary to make photos of people from your city: you can go anywhere in the world, make beautiful pictures of people, upload them to the website, and make money.

Find more in our complete guide on finding clients.

In what format can I upload my photos for sale?

You should upload your photos in JPEG. The minimal photo resolution must be of 8 MPs, though a higher quality is always more desirable.

What is EXIF?

Upon taking a photo your camera records certain data and embeds it in the photo file. These data are really important since they contain date and time info and we use them to properly sort out the photos in your gallery. It's crucial that your photo camera has date and time settings configured correctly. This way your customers will easily find their photos and proceed to purchasing the shots they like.

Mind though that certain photo editors can delete EXIF data from your photos so make sure to disable this feature, if it's the case, in software you use to edit photos. If the photo doesn't have EXIF data, you will need to manually specify the date and time it was taken after uploading it to KeepSnap.

How much does it cost? What's your service fee?

You set the price for your photos yourself using Settings -> Account info page; it can vary from $0.99 to $19.99. Moreover, you can set an individual price for photos in every of your private galleries.

You will receive 70 to 80% of the price of the photo depending on your rating and how popular you are. You can check out your rating in your member's area, Settings -> Account info page.

How and how often can I make payouts?

Currently payouts can be made to your PayPal account twice a month. Your balance at KeepSnap must be at least $100 in order to make a payout. All payouts are made automatically.

You can disable the automatic payout feature whenever you want using Payout page if you would like to gather a bigger amount of money and then withdraw it all in one go.

Tell me about your licensing regulations and copyright

All copyright for photos is reserved by the photographer. By publishing photos you took to KeepSnap you simply transfer us the rights that are necessary for selling these photos and for use associated with sales. Your customers may use the photos only for personal non-commercial purposes.

My account has been blocked. Why?

Your account may get blocked in case if

  • Photos for review or sale you uploaded have been taken by another person.
  • Your photos do not comply with KeepSnap quality requirements.

How can I get in touch with KeepSnap administration?

Please be sure to use information below to contact us whether you have a problem or just want to say hi.

Mailing address:

45B W Wilmot St, Suite 202
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2P3

Email support: