Interviewing Jaime Pavon: Mesmerizing Balance between Good and Bad

Jaime Pavon Aviles is a 31-year-old Ecuadorian fashion and editorial photographer. He has worked with a great many acknowledged Ecuador’s companies and his photos were published by various brands and magazines from Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Argentina, and Colombia. Among his clients are Ford, Nestea, Halls, Movistar, Axe, Ecuador’s government, and so on.

Jaime has been taking photos for life for over 11 years, but in future he’d like to devote himself only to giving photography workshops and performing photography exhibitions of his work. Be sure to check out his Instagram account with daily new updates.

10 Photography Principles of Ivan Nava

Ivan Nava, whom we interviewed a year ago, is back with more exciting and inspiring stories as well as helpful photography tips. Today he will share with you his 10 photography principles—which he came up with during his 15-year-long involvement in photography—that helped him become a professional and globally acknowledged photographer. Come on in!

Interviewing The Narratographer: an Amateur with Great Passion

The Narratographer is a landscape, model, portrait, and boudoir photographer who believes that there is no such thing as great photographers, only great photographs. He feels that today a professional is simply someone who receives money for their photography, but at the same time loses their passion too. This is why the Narratographer prefers calling himself an amateur.

He will always stay an amateur photographer as he feels that one can never be as passionate for something once one is paid to do it. Instead of following their hearts, work-seeking photographers can simply begin to produce work that they know will sell, instead of what inspires them. For this reason, he will never turn professional.

The Narratographer uses stories—which he writes for his website—to accompany his photographs and deeply immerse the viewer. The identity of a photographer doesn’t matter anymore since their photos become lies. This is why the Narratographer prefers to stay anonymous.

Interviewing Saunak Shah: Sense of Place and Existentialism in Photography

Interviewing Saunak Shah

Saunak Shah is an Indian-born photographer and designer based in New York. He has over 10 years of experience and uses photography as a medium for self-expression in his art director job. Most of his work focuses on people and the environments they live in as well as scale, sense of place, minimalism, and identity. During his photography career Saunak has worked for brands like Land Rover USA, Nokia USA, ADYN UK, Other UK, Her Velvet Vase USA, Innisfree and others.

His photos were featured in various exhibitions in and outside of the US. Also, Saunak is the founder of Pursuit of Portraits, a place that connects portraiture enthusiasts around the world. You can check out his profile on KeepSnap Directory.

Interviewing Joe Allam: Telling Stories through Photography

Interviewing Joe Allam

Joe Allam is an independent creative specialising predominantly within design and photography, but progressing more and more into filmmaking as well. Over the past few years, he has been building up an online presence with his blog and very recently started a YouTube channel showing experiences and tips for other creatives with a heavy tilt towards photography and travel based content.

He is very passionate about technology and digital growth and easily gets excited about new and upcoming products! Photography is very well connected to his personality for the creativity it can unlock within him to the technicalities of the equipment being used. He thrives off of learning how things work and trying to master products.

Even though he's still under 25, he has been very fortunate to have worked with some of the largest companies in the world. You can check out his profile on KeepSnap Directory and his website.

Interviewing Jemma Dodd: Conquering Fashion and Stage

Interviewing Jemma Dodd: Conquering Fashion and Stage

Jemma Dodd is a fashion and live music photographer from the UK with a degree in Media Photography. Currently she works for Practical Photography Magazine, and creates live and vibrant images of bands for a variety of other publications. Among her clients are Rebelicious Magazine, Hit The Floor magazine and Darkus Magazine. Jemma was named the winner of the live category of the NME Photography Awards 2014.

Interviewing Kirill Umrikhin: What It Takes to Be an Extreme Sports Photographer

Kirill Umrikhin InterviewKirill Umrikhin is a professional extreme sports and travel photographer from Moscow, Russia. He is only 26 and he already managed to work for a variety of internationally recognized brands like Quiksilver, DC, Roxy, Red Bull, VW, Nissan, Nokia, and many others. His shots are regularly published in various printed magazines throughout Russia, Europe, US, and Japan.

Interviewing Ivan Adamidis: When Hobby Turns into Passion

Ivan Adamidis is a Kazakhstan-born self-taught hobbyist photographer who lives in Greece. Having graduated from Technological Institute of Athens, Department of Medical Laboratories, currently he is working in civil protection and aerial fire-fighting. Notwithstanding his education and work, he managed to build a strong and mesmerizing portfolio and received various awards like Winner (2nd prize) of 2011 Travelogue Magazine Travel Photography Contest, Finalist of 2011 Athens Photo Inspiration Contest, and 2012’s International Photography Awards (IPA) Competition: Awarded with Honorable Mention in Special - Travel/Tourism category for the winning entry "A Way Life-long". His winning photo “10 after 10” has been exhibited on the central metro station of Athens, “Syntagma Square”, as well as during the mobile city exhibition. You can check out his profile page at our KeepSnap Directory.

Interviewing Jens Lennartsson: Shooting Naturally and Photography Zen

Jens Lennartsson is a lifestyle and travel commercial photographer based in Sweden who worked for brands like IKEA, Vagabond, Monocle, Visit Barbados, Swedish Match, and so on during his career. Jens managed to become a professional and globally recognized photographer through self-teaching. He believes that photography should be natural and raw, with little extra equipment and editing used, to be able to capture the true expression of people and the world around us. You can download his free e-book about street and travel photography here.

Interviewing Ivan Nava: Making People Happy with Your Images

Ivan Nava was born in the United States in 1983 and raised in Venezuela. He majored in Visual Communications, but managed to become a professional photographer with a distinctive style through self-teaching. During his career he worked with such brands and magazines as Honda, Mercedes Benz, KIA, Porsche, Microsoft, Moet & Chandon, Land Rover, Jaguar, Rolex, VOGUE, Koleston, Harper’s Bazaar, and many others.