What Was the First Camera Phone in the World?

In the year 2016 we all feel so used to cameras in our smartphones that take high-quality pictures, but literally a decade ago a camera phone was something really new and unique. When was the world's first camera phone released and, more interestingly, how did people react to this news?

The world's first cell phone with an intergrated camera was made in Japan in November 2000 by Sharp and J-Mobile. It had a 110,000-pixel CMOS built-in camera (0.11 megapixels) and let you send photos you took electronically. It was priced at roughly $500, which is twice as much in 2016.

The most interesting thing is that it happened only 16 years ago and today we cannot imagine our daily life without a phone with the camera. However, the most interesting thing of it all is how people reacted to the news back then

In this article published on BBC on 18 September, 2001, people made comments—answering to the question of how they would use a camera phone if they had it—that sound really weird in the world of 2016. 

A picture-shooting cellphone certainly is a curious invention. It could be handy for delicate investigation or infiltration. If you disguise it a bit better, who would know to look for a camera on a phone?

Johanna, Finland

It would be an easy way to let like minded hobbyists see what you have got, and, even let the wife choose her present from abroad!

Robbie, Scotland

Great for spying. The camera could be held against a keyhole, and the images immediately sent to any interested parties.

Rob Holman, London, England

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