Best Photography Blogs June Monthly Digest

Best Photography Blogs Digest

Today is Sunday and we bet that you had a great relaxing day and now are looking for photography inspiration over the web because tomorrow is Monday and your head needs to be full of awesome ideas for new photos.

We start our new monthly digest series in which we’ll tell you about the best photography blogs for learning, inspiration, and funny and interesting stories from life of photographers. Check it out!

Stuck in Customs 

Trey Ratcliff’s blog titled Stuck in Customs is all about travel photography and mind-blowing images. Daily Trey tells you amazing stories fitted with photos and sometimes passes his experience over to you.

Skip Cohen University 

Blog of Skip Cohen University, an online and live photo educational resource for emerging professional photographers, is full of tips and advice on the business and customer side of photography.

Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is a professional photographer who travels a lot. In his blog you will find tons of exciting and interesting content about creativity in photography and stories from his professional life.

The Zen Photographer 

As Jens Lennartsson who created the Zen Photographer explained it in the interview to KeepSnap himself, “I realised that all the photoblogs were about settings and equipment. Photography for me is not the camera, it is the whole process. No one was writing about the human part of photography, the interactions and how you manage to build a relation with your subjects. Zen is about being present, about not having more than you need. That is very much how I see photography.”

Sprouting Photographer  

This blog has been founded by Robert Nowell, a photographer with 32 years of experience, and is all about the business and being successful as a photographer. Find tips on calculating your rates, multitasking, and customer relationships.

Joe McNally 

Joe McNally is an internationally acclaimed photographer who worked for TIME, Newsweek, Fortune, New York, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, LIFE, National Geographic, and more. In his blog he shares his experience, tips, and life stories.

Psychology for Photographers 

As you probably already guessed from its name, this blog is something not that common. It has been created by both a psychologist and photographer, Jenika, and covers everything associated with the customer relationships, being successful, and so on.

A Camera and a Dream 

Yet another blog, started by two friends Kim and Charo, that tells you about customer relationships and expounds a lot on that topic. Really inspiring, detailed, and useful.


DED PXL is a photography blog that’s all about inspiration. Find excellent reviews, articles, critiques, tips, workshops, and even more.

Ground Glass 

Ground Glass has been founded by Spencer Lum, an experienced wedding photographer, and tells you about how to find valuable clients and how to treat them properly.

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