FAQ: Mass Photo Uploading with KeepSnap Lightroom Plug-in

If you think that uploading photos for your clients one by one may seem a really long and tiring thing then... You're probably right. But hey, what is there to do if you just covered a big event or went our to make some shots and got plenty of photos to upload at the same time?

That's exactly why we created a proprietary KeepSnap plug-in for Adobe Lightroom that will let you upload any amount of photos you just edited literally in a flash. Let's review how you install and use it. Join in, it's easy!

Download the plug-in from our main page.

Open your Adobe Lightroom and go to File -> Plug-in Manager...

Click on Add, browse the folder to which you downloaded KeepSnap plug-in.

You will see that the plug-in was successfully added. Make sure that it's enabled and click on Done. 

Enter KeepSnap plug-in in Publishing Manager in Lightroom and specify your KeepSnap account name and password to log in.

Now you can customize it the way you want. Resize your images.

Or choose to upload them either in DNG or JPEG and select the image quality. Save it.

And that's about it. Edit your photos, upload them in a second, and enjoy making sales.

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